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Dental health and general health

It’s a well-known truism: Teeth don’t go to the dentist – people do. Also well-known nowadays is the fact that oral and general health interact with each other. At the center of this interaction is periodontitis, which poses an insidious threat to the entire body. Bacterial plaques (biofilms) on tooth surfaces, in interproximal spaces and at gingival margins cause inflammation via their metabolites. At first, the body’s immune system reacts with a superficial, reversible inflammation of the gums (gingivitis). If these clinical signs are overlooked or ignored, this natural barrier will fail to hold against the bacterial attack and the inflammation will become chronic. Almost nothing then stands in the way of the development of periodontitis (PA). From this point, the patient’s immune system plays a crucial role in the disease’s progression if no intervention by a dentist or other dental professional takes place. PA pioneer species and the inflammatory substances they produce are easily transported to other parts of the body via the bloodstream and can aggravate the course of preexisting diseases or facilitate the development of a general illness. But if patients are well-informed and critical, they can act effectively and make the right long-term decisions.

Am I a high-risk patient? What options do I have with respect to my general illness, and how do I choose a good dentist? These are just some of the questions that I will address and explore in a short patient-friendly presentation.

• Schools for dental assistants/hygienists and geriatric nursing schools

Dental health and general health

As an experienced lecturer in prophylaxis, I enjoy supporting schools for dental assistants and other educational institutions. I teach everything worth knowing in the area of prophylactic dental and oral healthcare, both in theory and – where possible – in practice. This ranges from the etiology of dental and periodontal disease to delegable treatment procedures and even admin matters such as invoicing. I also monitor student success.

I am happy to support geriatric nursing schools and homes during training or in the form of short refresher presentations. My material covers oral hygiene in ill, elderly and disabled people, whatever the level of care they require.