Vita Vesna Braun - Praxis and more

Curriculum Vitae


1987-1990 Training as a dental assistant in Renchen, Germany
1990-1993 Different training courses in prophylaxis in Stuttgart, Ulm and Karlsruhe
1993 Further professional training to become a specialized dental assistant in Stuttgart, Germany
1997 Further education in advanced periodontal treatment at Royal Dental College in Aarhus, Denmark
1999 Further education to become a dental hygienist in Stuttgart
2000 Seminar for examination and education board members
2003 Curriculum: Hypnosis and suggestive communication, Stuttgart, Germany
2004-2005 Quality management training course for dental practice managers, Frankfurt, Germany

Dental surgery related work:

Since 1990 Build-up and integration of an independent prophylaxis department as part of a large dental surgery in Oberkirch, Baden, Germany
•    Patient treatment
•    Office marketing
•    Quality management appointee (QMA)
•    Organizing and carrying out internal audits, supervision of external audits
•    Internal training
•    Patient seminars
•    Organizing and running interdisciplinary cooperations with residential homes, associations, schools, surgeries, etc.
Since 2007 Build-up and integration of an independent prophylaxis department a spart of dental surgery (Gengenbach) and a privat dental clinic (main emphasis: prophylaxetreatments for adult- and implantpatient)
2015-2017 optimization and further development of an independent prophylaxis department with a focus on periodontology in Ichenheim/Neuried

Teaching and consultancy:

1999-2020 Member of the examination board for dental assistants, dental prophylaxis assistants/ qualified dental assistants and DH in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
Since 2000 Freelance dental surgery consultant and lecturer with an emphasis on prophylaxis, bleaching, communication and management.
Since 2002 Lecturer at multiple conferences in Germany and abroad
2003-2006 Speaker at the Prophylaxis Academy of the Dental Chambers in Salzburg, Austria,
and in Lower Austria
2004-2020 Consultant for the field of dentistry at the nursing school in Offenburg
2011-2015 Appointed member of the team selecting questions for professional exams in Bavaria, Germany
2011-2015 Member of the examination board for dental assistants, dental prophylaxis assistants and DH in Bavaria, Germany
2015 Award: Certified Top-Speaker international (Trainer Allianz)
2017 Award: German price for Dentalhygiene (DG PARO)
2019 Award: Trainer of the year (Trainer Allianz)

Advisory functions:

Since 2000 Owner-manager of the company “Praxis&More® Vesna Braun Dental Surgery Management” (advice, coaching, seminars for dental surgeries, organizing and running different patient seminars for a variety of dental surgeries and service providers

Authored works:

Since 2004 Numerous published journal articles, co-author of ‘Prophylaxis’ dental surgery folder for Spitta publishing house
2006 Author: dental book: clinic Portfolio Prophylaxcis, The Principles of Prophylaxis (Spitta)
Since 2007 Development and consultancy work for a number of CDs (Spitta) and DVDs (i-med academy)
2010 Author/speaker on the DVDs Prophylaxe in der Zahnheilkunde (“Prophylaxis in Dentistry”) (i-med forum)
2011 Author of Formularmanager Prophylaxe (“Prophylaxis Form Manager”) (Spitta publishing house, Germany)

Honorary offices:

1999 Founding member of the German Association of Dental Hygienists (DGDH)
1999-2007 Secretary and treasurer for the German Association of Dental Hygienists (DGDH)


VMF (Verband medizinischer Fachberufe)
DG Paro (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Parodontologie)
DGDH (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Dentalhygieniker/-innen)
Europäische Trainerallianz
VDDH (Verband Deutscher Dentalhygieniker)
DAG (Deutsch-Arabische Gesellschaft)