Vita Vesna Braun - Praxis and more

Curriculum Vitae


2004-2005 Quality management training course for dental practice managers, Frankfurt, Germany
2003 Curriculum: Hypnosis and suggestive communication, Stuttgart, Germany
2000 Seminar for examination and education board members
1999 Further education to become a dental hygienist in Stuttgart
1997 Further education in advanced periodontal treatment at Royal Dental College in Aarhus, Denmark
1993 Further professional training to become a specialized dental assistant in Stuttgart, Germany
1990-1993 Different training courses in prophylaxis in Stuttgart, Ulm and Karlsruhe
1987-1990 Training as a dental assistant in Renchen, Germany

Dental surgery related work:

Since 1990 Build-up and integration of an independent prophylaxis department as part of a large dental surgery in Oberkirch, Baden, Germany
•    Patient treatment
•    Office marketing
•    Quality management appointee (QMA)
•    Organizing and carrying out internal audits, supervision of external audits
•    Internal training
•    Patient seminars
•    Organizing and running interdisciplinary cooperations with residential homes, associations, schools, surgeries, etc.

Teaching and consultancy:

Since 2011 Appointed member of the team selecting questions for professional exams in Bavaria, Germany
Since 2011 Member of the examination board for dental assistants, dental prophylaxis assistants and DH in Bavaria, Germany
Since 2002 Lecturer at multiple conferences in Germany and abroad
Seit 2000 Freelance dental surgery consultant and lecturer with an emphasis on prophylaxis, bleaching, communication and management.
Since 1999 Member of the examination board for dental assistants, dental prophylaxis assistants/ qualified dental assistants and DH in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
2003-2006 Speaker at the Prophylaxis Academy of the Dental Chambers in Salzburg, Austria,
and in Lower Austria

Honorary offices:

1999 Founding member of the German Association of Dental Hygienists (DGDH)
1999-2007 Secretary and treasurer for the German Association of Dental Hygienists (DGDH)

Advisory functions:

Since 2000 Owner-manager of the company “Praxis&More® Vesna Braun Dental Surgery Management” (advice, coaching, seminars for dental surgeries, organizing and running different patient seminars for a variety of dental surgeries and service providers

Authored works:

2011 Author of Formularmanager Prophylaxe (“Prophylaxis Form Manager”) (Spitta publishing house, Germany)
2010 Author/speaker on the DVDs Prophylaxe in der Zahnheilkunde (“Prophylaxis in Dentistry”) (i-med forum)
Seit 2004 Numerous published journal articles, co-author of ‘Prophylaxis’ dental surgery folder for Spitta publishing house, development and consultancy work for a number of CDs (Spitta) and DVDs (i-med academy).