Some client testimonials from the past 16 years

“Any number of expensive and time-consuming external training sessions for my staff failed to translate into any steps forward for the dental office, as the things we were told could not be implemented in our workflows. But once we got customized training from V. Braun in our own practice, we were able to get some team momentum going and get our workflows up and running. V. Braun has continued to support us on a regular basis for over 10 years. Even with new employees, pregnancies etc., our progress is enormous.”
Ch. Schräger, Dentist, Rheinmünster, Germany

“Vesna Braun has profound knowledge that she passed on skillfully. The theoretical part was complemented by practical exercises, and she even cut down on breaks so she could deliver key content as time began to run out towards the end. My entire team was totally enthusiastic and still is. Many thanks!”
Klinger, Dentist, Hamburg, Germany

“Great event, we were very pleased not only with your professional expertise, but also with the way you shared it with our team!”
Dr. Kreft & Dr. Braun, Erding, Germany

“Two eventful days with a totally professional seminar given by an excellently prepared trainer are behind us – the perfect mix of fun, professional work, and support.”
Dr. Kortlang & Dr. Luz, Achern, Germany

“I would never have thought that I could survive an entire day about prophylaxis… it turns out I did – and easily so! And incidentally, it was real fun.”
Dr. Crull, Vaihingen, Germany

“The entire team is enthusiastic and motivated – with this type of in-house training, we know that learning new things can be fun.”
Kyriasi-Schmalenberg dental office, Sinsheim, Germany

“Many new insights and tips. Every one of us profited greatly from the in-house training!”
Dr. S. Müller, Munich, Germany

“Vesna Braun proves herself to be an asset for our practice after each and every coaching session.”
Schütze-Gössner & Fürst, Attnang-Puchheim, Austria

“Three days of top-class training lie behind us. The in-house trainer, Vesna Braun, conveyed prophylaxis to us with clarity, detail and great commitment – her enthusiasm was truly infectious. And as ‘a prophet has no honor in his own country’, it was very important to us to have an external teacher.”
Scholtz/Amann dental office, Crailsheim, Germany

“We thought ‘we already know this, so we’ll just need a little refresher’ – but we learned quite a few things! Vesna Braun is very practical, shows an interest in every team member and radiates confidence, calm and experience.”
A. Schmierer, Dentist, Stuttgart, Germany

“‘Only those who look can see’ – Vesna Braun’s analyses have helped us make tremendous progress and determine our dental office’s needs, especially in the field of prophylaxis. Her training sessions are the epitome of professionalism and expertise!”
U. Müller, Dentist, Vogtsburg, Germany

“Vesna Braun gave us a lot of practical tips and information. She opened our eyes to many new fields, and she has a lot of experience. She tailored the training very closely to our dental office’s needs and our team members’ different qualifications.”
Dr. Platt, Frankfurt, Germany

“After a full day of in-house training, we are strained and exhausted BUT much, much wiser and SUPER-motivated.”
Dr. Bertram, Mannheim, Germany